Hostiles [D]
Hostiles [D]
1892, New Mexico - legendary Army captain Joseph J. Blocker (Bale) undertakes one final mission before retirement: escort Yellow Hawk (Studi) - a dying Cheyenne war chief - and his family back to sacred tribal lands. After 20 years of violent struggle, this gesture of peace is as unthinkable as it is harrowing. Together they battle against a punishing landscape and the brutality of men alike, coming to the rescue of a young widow (Pike) amidst the carnage of her murdered family. Two great warriors, once rivals across the battlefield, must learn to trust each other and find peace in an unforgiving land.

A heroic odyssey of survival, HOSTILES becomes a story not about the miles travelled nor the battles fought, but the journey towards respect, reconciliation and forgiveness.

Adventure, Drama
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Release Date
Thursday, 4 Jan 2018
Main Cast
Rosamund Pike, Christian Bale, Ben Foster
Scott Cooper
Running Time
134 minutes
Some Violence
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Hostiles [D]
134 mins
Shaw Theatres Lido
(Sunday, 21 Jan 2018)
350, Orchard Road, 5th/6th Floor, Shaw House, Singapore 238868

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