Monster Family [D]
Monster Family [D]
Catch a special preview of an upcoming animation film, Monster Family (2D) on 1st October, Sunday at Shaw Theatres LIDO. Plus! FREE! Hands-on fun from LolliBox begins from 9:00am*.

Family Movie Day at Shaw Theatres

Film : Monster Family (2D)
Date : 1st October 2017, Sunday
Time : 10:00AM
Venue : Shaw Theatres Lido
Ticket Price : $12.50


The Wünschmann family isn’t exactly a happy family. Mother Emma encourages the family to put their differences aside by taking them to a theme park. After a harmless joke with a doll, which turns out to be the evil witch Baba Yaga, the Wünschmanns are transformed into monsters. Mother Emma turns into a vampire, dad Frank becomes Frankenstein, daughter Fee turns into a mummy, and son Max winds up being a warewolf! And that’s when a normal ride on a ghost train turns into a ludicrously spooky adventure. Will the Wünschmann family find their happy ending?

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No Subtitles Available
Release Date
Thursday, 5 Oct 2017
Main Cast
Emily Watson, Jason Isaccs, Nick Frost
Holger Tappe
Running Time
93 minutes
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Monster Family [D]
93 mins
Shaw Theatres Lido
(Sunday, 1 Oct 2017)
350, Orchard Road, 5th/6th Floor, Shaw House, Singapore 238868

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* English Subtitles
+ Chinese Subtitles