Members Only [M] [D]
Members Only [M] [D]
Balcony is the most luxurious private club in town restricted to members only. When investment analyst Stephen (Kyle Li) visits for a business matter, he meets millionaire Lucas (Brian Mak), stock broker Master Alan (Julius Brian Siswojo) and escort Milo (Yoyo Fung). He learns the tricks of stock market trading from Master Alan and in turn, imparts his knowledge and skills to Milo. The master-disciple friendship falters when Stephen finds himself falling for her. Thrilled by making easy money in the stock market, Stephen and Milo soon realise that it’s Master Alan who controls everything behind the scenes. In this ferociously ruthless finance industry, what will they choose in the face of friendship, lust, and money?

With English & Chinese Subtitles
Release Date
Thursday, 14 Sep 2017
Main Cast
Yoyo Fung, Kyle Li, Carmen Tong, Julius Brian Siswojo, Bryant Mak
Ngan Mic-Go
Running Time
91 minutes
Sexual Content
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Members Only [M] [D]
91 mins
Shaw Theatres Balestier
(Monday, 25 Sep 2017)
360, Balestier Road, Shaw Plaza, #04-04, Singapore 329783

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* English Subtitles
+ Chinese Subtitles