IMAX® Impact

IMAX® has the ability to plunge audiences into one-of-a-kind experiences, from life at the top of Mount Everest to the dark depths of Azkaban, and to transport them instantly to all of the real and magical places in between.

Virtually all aspects of IMAX®’S digital theatre system have been customized specifically to deliver The IMAX® Experience. The integrated suite of proprietary IMAX® technologies with dual digital projectors, laser-aligned digital surround sound and IMAX®’s patented theatre geometry are to deliver the world’s most immersive movie experience.

IMAX® theatres’ are specially designed where the seating decks are steeply raked. Unobstructed panoramic views place audiences right in the on-screen action. A large effective screen width is achieved by bringing the screen closer to the audience. IMAX®’s customized, patented theatre geometry provides and immersive experience equal to 20-230% increased screen area.

In IMAX® 3D, images literally jump off the screen and into your lap!