Midnight Sun [D]
Midnight Sun [D]
Sheltered since childhood, 17-year old KATIE (Bella Thorne) is confined to her house during the daylight hours by XP, a rare disease that is catalyzed by even smallest amount of sunlight which can trigger fast acting skin cancer resulting in death. Katie’s life revolves around JACK (Rob Riggle), her widowed father who gave up his promising career to stay home and take care of his daughter, MORGAN (Quinn Shephard), Katie’s best friend since childhood, and her guitar – the one thing provides catharsis and brings happiness to her lonely world. One night, unexpectedly, she meets CHARLIE (Patrick Schwarzenegger), her long-time secret crush whom she has watched walk to school every day. Charlie, an all star swimmer who was once on track for a full ride scholarship at Stanford, has lost direction in life and is resigned to taking care of local’s boats. Against all odds, they embark on a romance that changes their lives and leads them to discover a love that will last forever.

Drama, Romance
No Subtitles Available
Release Date
Thursday, 5 Apr 2018
Main Cast
Bella Thorne, Patrick Schwarzenegger, Rob Riggle
Scott Speer
Running Time
92 minutes
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