Agent Mr Chan [M] [D]
Agent Mr Chan [M] [D]
Mr. Chan (Dayo Wong) was the top agent. Unfortunately he has been removed from duties right after a mission failure when his partner Wonder Child (C Kwan), made a mistake and offended the policewoman Ms Shek (Charmaine Sheh) unintentionally. Chan felt very depressed after the dismission as he always believes that he is the savior of the world rather than just a private agency operator. One day, a financial officer goes crazy from a drug infection, where he suddenly starts dancing alone in feminine clothing. Ms Shek has no choice but to ask Mr. Chan for help in solving this mysterious case…Starring Hong Kong comedian Dayo Wong Tze Wah as Mr. Chan, together with many other celebrities’ guest appearances for this coming CNY attraction.

Comedy, Romance
With English & Chinese Subtitles
Release Date
Thursday, 15 Feb 2018
Main Cast
Dayo Wong Chi-Wah, Charmaine Sheh, Philippe Joly, Lawrence Cheng, Alan Tam
Jeff Cheung
Running Time
100 minutes
Some Sexual References
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