Madame [D]
Madame [D]
Anne and Bob, an American couple living in Paris, organise a dinner party and invite ten friends. To their surprise, Bob's son arrives, and the total number of people for dinner now becomes 13.

The superstitious Anne insists her maid Maria disguises herself as a mysterious Spanish noble woman to even out the numbers. But a little too much wine and some playful chat lead Maria to accidentally endear herself to David, a dandy British art broker. Their budding romance will have Anne chasing her maid around Paris and finally plotting to destroy this most unexpected and joyous love affair.

Comedy, Drama
No Subtitles Available
Release Date
Thursday, 7 Dec 2017
Main Cast
Harvey Keitel, Toni Collette, Rossy de Palma
Amanda Sthers
Running Time
92 minutes
Some Nudity And Sexual References
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