The Thousand Faces Of Dunjia [M] [D]
The Thousand Faces Of Dunjia [M] [D]
During the Northern Song Dynasty, Dao – a young and capable fighter – travels to the capital in hopes of becoming a constable. However, he accidentally stumbles upon an underground society called the Wuyinmen, each member with a supernatural ability. One day, Wuyinmen member Zhuge returns with Yuan, a mysterious young girl. However, she brings not only just hope, but also trouble and panic. She can transform into a human-monster hybrid at any time, which can lead to a major catastrophe.
Meanwhile, a terrifying creature has been hiding in our world, waiting for its chance to destroy mankind. Will the extraordinary warriors of the Wuyinmen fight back and take down the creature together?

Action, Fantasy
With English & Chinese Subtitles
Release Date
Friday, 15 Dec 2017
Main Cast
Aarif Lee, Zhou Dong-Yu, Dong Cheng-Peng (Da Peng), Ni Ni
Yuen Wo-Ping
Running Time
113 minutes
Some Violence
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