Take Me To The Moon [M] [D]
Take Me To The Moon [M] [D]
Wang Zheng Xiang (Jasper Liu, Pleasantly Surprised) reunites with his band members at the memorial of their lead singer, Li En Pei (Vivian Sung, Our Times). The six of them used to be high school classmates and were certain that En Pei would become famous. However, her dreams ended in tragedy. Drunk on his feet after the memorial, Zheng Xiang is miraculously transported back to the same summer, 20 years ago. Their band was preparing to perform Zhang Yu Sheng’s ‘My Future Is Not A Dream’ before their graduation. Knowing that En Pei’s effort is going naught, he’s struck by an urgent desire to stop her from chasing her dreams.

Drama, Romance
With English & Chinese Subtitles
Release Date
Thursday, 28 Dec 2017
Main Cast
Vivian Sung, Jasper Liu, Shih Chi Tian, Vera Yen, Pipi Yao
Hsieh Chun Yi
Running Time
105 minutes
Some Sexual References And Coarse Language
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