Legend Of The Demon Cat [M] [D]
Legend Of The Demon Cat [M] [D]
It is summertime in Chang’an, Royal General Yunqiao Chen’s (Qin Hao) wife Chunqin (Zhang Yuqi) is haunted by a demon cat. Chunqin is completely controlled by the demon cat and behaves stranger and stranger. At the same time, Emperor Dezong is dying at the palace. Japanese monk Shamon Kukai (by Shota Sometani) is invited to drive away the evilness for the emperor. However, the emperor dies suddenly when Kukai arrives. Kukai senses the demon cat on the roof and suspends that the cat is somehow related to the emperor’s death. Yunqiao does not stop this until the demon cat goes further and further…

Fantasy, Thriller
With English & Chinese Subtitles
Release Date
Thursday, 4 Jan 2018
Main Cast
Huang Xuan, Shota Sometani, Zhang Yuqi, Qin Hao, Sandrine Pinna
Chen Kaige
Running Time
129 minutes
Some Scenes Of Intimacy
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