From The Land of The Moon [FFF] [D]
From The Land of The Moon [FFF] [D]
Gabrielle grew up among the rural petit-bourgeois, where her dream of a passionate love is considered scandalous. At a time when women's role is to get married, Gabrielle's wild behaviour creates problems and people think she is insane.

Her parents marry her off to José, a seasonal worker, whose job is to turn Gabrielle into a respectable woman. Gabrielle doesn't love him and feels as though she is being buried alive.

When she is sent away to undergo treatment for her kidney stones, she meets André Sauvage, a lieutenant wounded in the Indochina War, who reignites her desire for love. They make plans to run away together, and this time, they won't be able take what she considers “the most important thing" from her – the ability to live out her dream.

With English Subtitles
Release Date
Saturday, 11 Nov 2017
Main Cast
Marion Cotillard, Louis Garrel
Nicole Garcia
Running Time
121 minutes
Sexual Scene And Nudity
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